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On: Doubting Charity

They say that the music industry battleground is changing: we’re all going online, and people haven’t fully figured out what to do about it. CD and DVD sales have been dropping in unprecedented rates, and there’s a dichotomy of opinions on piracy.

The digital revolution isn’t affecting the music industry alone. Political issues, protests and petitions are being tackled online. News sources are no longer limited to the TV, radio and the paper.

In times of calamities, online activities help to mobilize people.

Online conversations and forums are perhaps the speediest and cheapest way to get the ball rolling and communicate, especially when people are racing against time. Imagine having to call and text people individually in the name of silent charity. That’s downright stupid.

We're online because most everyone else is, idiot.

It’s easy to mistake one for the other: an act of generosity or a publicity stunt. One can even serve both purposes. Whether or not it leaves a bad aftertaste in someone else’s mouth is for that someone else to determine and deal with.

A simple re-tweet, a prayer posted online, information on which organization to approach can be misinterpreted for grandstanding and self-promotion.

Then again, regardless of whether the act is to uplift the spirit or just a fake show of generosity, it’s still easier to point fingers than be involved. It’s easier to think we have everyone figured out when in fact, there are so many other places in one’s self from whence that status update possibly came. You are not God to know entirely what the intentions of one person are.

At the end of the day, it’s all human nature. It’s part of the package we did not choose to get. It’s what one does with these – or against these – and how effective they are, that make all the difference.

And the only important question to ask ourselves after everything else is whether or not we actually did something right. So did you? You don’t have to tell me, but please answer that honestly with a yes or a no that needs no further justification.

Fold the pointing finger and do your shit instead. Save the anger for later. That is not the priority of the people right now.


Excuse Letter

To my happenstance readers, pardon me my absence in the past few weeks. The December hullabaloo has gotten in the way of the past week's activities. Not much from my side of the planet, except that there was a PAK Improv show last November whose story takes off from another group performance done in the same month last year.

Lots of backstage things going on. Going back online in the next year. 2012 should be a good one.